Wordful Wednesday – The Baby and the iPad

No we didn’t buy baby Ivey an iPad but the thought did cross my mind. Especially, considering how intuitive the device seems to be – right off the bat she seemed to know how to hold it.

And within a matter of seconds she was in a zone.

The device was able to capture her undivided attention for well over 15 minutes which I believe maybe a record. Take a look at her face – doesn’t she look like she was just unplugged from the Matrix?

Okay so I am not ready to drop the cash for Ivey to have her own iPad BUT I am seriously considering buying one for myself and letting her borrow it.

Question: Has anyone bought an iPad to replace their Kindle? If so I would love to hear how it is working for you.

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7 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday – The Baby and the iPad”

  1. I do not have a baby to share an ipad with at this point in my life, but your question is one that have been seriously pondering since the ipad came out. I love my kindle and I love my apple products. The very fact that an apple product came out that I can read on makes me want it (I am a sucker for marketing). My brand loyalty for both products is tearing me apart!

  2. I’ll talk to Grandpa and see if he is willing to get her one for Christmas 😉

  3. Uh, I think Ivey needs her own iPad. Why? Because she’s so stinkin’ cute, she might melt you to bits with those pretty eyes of hers! lol
    Thanks for stopping by and linking your WW post up over at my place. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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