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Several months ago I was introduced to Paula, the creator of Sweet P’s, though my friend and fellow blogger, Shane who runs Environmental Booty. Are you familiar with the idiom “cut from the same cloth? Well, that is how I feel about both Shane and Paula. The three of us seem to have quite a bit in common and although we are literally scattered across the country (California, Arizona, Florida) I feel a kinship that seems to transcend these geographical barriers.

As soon as us three girls start talking “products” I feel giddy. As moms, we all feel a burning desire to use and support products free of toxins especially the products we use on our kids. This common thread is the catalyst behind this new Sweet P’s line.

Shane has been a long time supporter of Sweet P’s but it wasn’t until the three of us started talking that Paula decided to package up her products in a specific baby care bundle and sell them in both Shane and my stores. I love that Paula took this as an opportunity to collaborate and incorporated our feedback into the design. For example, I felt it was important that the bottles be small enough (40z) to be  easily held in one hand – let’s face it, as a mom you are lucky to have one had free let alone two.

OrganicBabyCareSetHere is a break down of what is included in the bundle and why I like it…

Cloud Powder:
Since talc is mined the same areas as asbestos it is important to used powder that is talc-free. Sweet P’s Cloud Powder is made with a zinc oxide formula (not nanomil) and corn starch. Zinc oxide has been formulated with skin ointments for centuries and traditionally is formulated with ointments for a variety of skin conditions. Zinc is also  very effective as a way to control the growth of bacteria and yeast. However with any powder DO NOT dust near face your babies face to ensure that the dust is not inhaled. To make this product even more environmentally friendly the container is refillable and you will be able order refills of Cloud Powder from Sweet P’s Skincare.

Baby Head to Toe Bubbles:
This head-to-toe formula is loaded with botanical extracts and is biodegradable. Although this is not a “No Tears Formula” it is phosphate free, SLS free, contains no DEA, and no parabens. This product is perfect for the whole family and refills can be easily purchased from Sweet P’s Skincare.

Organic JojoBaby Oil:
Structurally the closest thing to you skin’s own nature oil is 100% Certified Organic Jojoba Oil. This oil is free of scent and loaded with naturally contained anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Feel comfortable soothing dry patches and removing crud behind ears while applying an organic oil free of pesticides. Got cradle cap? Add a few drops to your baby’s scalp before shampooing. This product is loaded with the best that nature has to offer and is great for the whole family. Refills can be easily purchased from Sweet P’s Skincare.

Organic Bottom Butter:
This simply wonderful and effective bottom ointment is crafted by blending 100% Certified Organic Shea Butter and zinc oxide. This kit includes a jar for home as well as a travel tin for your diaper bag! This product protects, heals and has a high content of Vitamin A, E & F. It melts on body contact and is readily absorbed.


One of the reasons I think this makes such a great baby shower gift is that these products packaged in two 100% cotton muslin bags (one for home and one for travel). Also the art work on this product is really adorable and I love that it was created by Paula herself!

2 thoughts on “Sweet P’s Organic Baby Care”

  1. Hey girlie great post! I love the little carry bag with the Bottom Butter and the products are once again top notch and super safe for baby. The last time I checked, J&J still had parabens in their wash. Yuck. How they can do that after the studies showing hormone disruption is amazing. Then people wonder why it seems that this generation is having so much trouble getting pregnant…uh maybe all of the hormone disruptors in our personal care products over the last few decades have had something to so with it?

  2. All of these products look wonderful! I’m due with my second next month and will definitely be checking out Sweet P’s soon!

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