Bits of my Weekend – Mother’s Day Edition

Since this was Mother’s Day weekend I was hell bent on getting at least one good shot of my mom, Ivey and I together. We headed over to my favorite nursery and neighborhood spot Flora Grubb Gardens. Her gardens are BEAUTIFUL and I thought it would provide the perfect backdrop for my very first Mother’s Day photo.

flora-grubb-gardensOn a side note, every time I am at Flora Grubb Gardens I find myself drooling over her vertical gardens. I am really considering biting the bullet and adding one to my on my patio as well as my staircase railing. What do you think?

Ivey and I took numerous photos, none of which she seemed too excited about. Did I mention I think she is teething?

I did get this one of of the three of us in front of Flora’s vertical succulent wall, which made me happy.

I think the best part of the day way watching my mom with Ivey.

I love how happy they look in this photo. After seeing this, I couldn’t have asked for a better 1st Mother’s Day.

11 thoughts on “Bits of my Weekend – Mother’s Day Edition”

  1. Those gardens really are spectacular. Ivey, or course, looked adorable whether she was teething or not. The little curl on top of her head is super cute.

  2. great photos, as always! and, YES to the vertical garden!! i thought about my own version of vertical greenspace yesterday, with the As Seen on TV hanging tomato planter at Target. i’m sure yours will be much more fabulous :)

  3. What a great Mother’s Day idea. Congrats on capturing a precious moment in time. Welcome to the Happy MOthers’ Club! Precious!

  4. I was just thinking about my first Mother’s Day too… 13 years ago! Time flies, I’m so glad you got those pictures, especially with your mom. And that succulent wall–how fab! I want one of those.

  5. Glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I called up both my Mom and Mother-in-law. Now that we only see each other maybe once or twice a year, their voices are sweet and sorely missed. They miss their granddaughter too…

  6. (I’m obviously very late getting around to reading about everyone’s weekend.) I simply love these photos! Happy First Mother’s Day! What a wonderful blessing! You all are so beautiful.

    I share your admiration of vertical gardens. In Huntsville, AL, where I used to live, the Anthropologie at the outdoor mall had a wall done that way. It was the first time I had ever seen one. Now we live in Moçambique, and there’s a new apartment building that has one outside wall done entirely in a vertical garden, and the other side is done in a spectacular mosaic. If I can get over my fear of having my camera snatched, I’ll try to get a photo of it.

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