Bits of My Weekend – Art, OpenSky & Babyproofing

After a morning full of errands, we met up with family and friends to celebrate my Uncle, Ernest Regua’s graduation from the MFA program at San Francisco Art Institute.


I my uncle has always been an inspiration for me. Matter of fact, I am quite certain I would have never worked up the nerve to major in art if it wasn’t for his influence. I own several of his painting but this latest series is definitely my favorite. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you MUST stop by Fort Mason and see the show in person. My photos doesn’t do it justice. The show is running through May 22nd.


Besides my uncle’s work I found several other very interesting pieces. This one reminds me of my desk at work :)


These three-dimensional heads were also a big hit.


Here is a picture of my dad taking a closer look.


After the celebration, Val and baby Ivey headed home. I on the other hand jumped in a cab with Lizzie B and headed back downtown to meet up with Ted Rubin. It was nice to have a glass of wine among friends, but I LOVED chitchatting about OpenSky and all of its potential.


Since Sunday was Bay to Breakers we decided to take refuge in our loft (like any good local should). We had important baby-proofing tasks to complete. Now that Ivey is pulling herself up to standing these tasks could no longer be postponed.


My husband has many talents however, home repairs aren’t one of them. My handyman skills are even worse – matter of fact, last time the light bulbs needed changing I actually hired Dome. BTW – how do people change light bulbs on a 25 foot ceiling? I would love to know. Anyways, I am REALLY impressed with my husband and his ability to babyproof our loft railing. When did home repairs become sexy?


Lastly we rearranged all our furniture to create an enclosed six-by-six foot padded play area for Ivey. This is our version of the playpen only larger and built out of furniture. Any chance of our loft being featured in Apartment Therapy or Dwell is completely gone – not like we were really in the running to begin with.

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8 thoughts on “Bits of My Weekend – Art, OpenSky & Babyproofing”

  1. Yep – now I understand why so many families grab up a ranchers on a cul-de-sac.

    Our biggest reason (although there are several) for staying in the city is that we are personally convinced we can be better parents with a 15 minute commute then with a 90 minute commute.

  2. Hooray for urban kids and the unpopular choice their parents made! The play area looks awesome — I once knew a woman with a beautiful house, and to keep it magazine-worthy she purchased two of those kid fences to put in the hallway and basement… 😉

  3. I did like this post, in fact! Especially with photos of Ivey. She is just so beautiful. I’m amazed at the art exhibits! Wow! I have not an artistic bone in my body, so I find it quite fascinating to see what a creative mind can conceive.

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