Bits of my Weekend

Ivey put her crawl into hyper drive this weekend. My world has officially changed forever. She is so fast I can’t keep up. Who knows this might be the extra workout I need to drop the last ten pounds of baby weight.


Eventually, Grandma Mac got a hold of her and distracted her with lessons on how to suck her thumb. Thanks Mom.


On Sunday I woke up early and took BART downtown.


I spent the morning with associates from OpenSky as well as Danica from Danica’s Daily and Genie from The Inadvertent Gardener.


In the afternoon the hubby, baby and I headed over to Peekadoodle Kidsclub. Help a Mother Out was having a fundraiser and…


Ivey needed to get her Ya-Yas out.


It was also a great excuse to get Whitney, the co-author of rookie moms, to sign my book (Yep – I am a groupie).


While at the fundraiser Ivey finally had her first professional picture taken by Wiz Bang Photography.


This photographer’s work is beautiful. My pictures of her taking pictures don’t do her justice.


90 minutes later. The baby was pooped out (literally).


But she still didn’t want to go home.

11 thoughts on “Bits of my Weekend”

  1. It was really great to meet you and get to know you today at the Open Sky Meet Up. I think you really do have the coolest Mommy site I’ve ever seen and you definitely are fabulous 😀

    I think it’s really cool to have another full time worker/blogger friend who is close to me 😀

    P.S. I LOVE the Baby Pics from today – so cute!

  2. Love the photographs of Ivey, and it was such a pleasure to meet you! Looking forward to getting together again, and to following your adventures through Twitter and your blog.

  3. What great pics! I log in every day to check on any new pics of her and then I forward them to Grandpa to see :)

  4. I am very much enjoying getting my weekly dose of cute baby with the Ivey pictures! So glad you had a wonderful weekend. Cherish these times with that sweet little girl… I know this will sound cliche, but wow does it zoom on by!

  5. Hi! I totally saw you taking photos of your girl at the HAMO event on Sunday! I recognize your camera strap (couldn’t see your face since you had a camera in front of it!). I just saw the tweet from RookieMoms! Love your site and maybe we’ll meet someday. I also (kind of) know Genie. Best, Kate (@pierpress)

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