Bilingual Lola Book & Puppets

As a parent, I am always on the lookout for books and toys that share my values and depict real world scenarios in age appropriate ways. This beautifully illustrated book and puppet set are a great tool for not only raising bilingual children, but for teaching children to never settle, to take the path less traveled and most importantly, that love is color blind.



Meet Lola. She may live on a simple little chicken farm but she is no simple little chicken.


All the other (simple) chickens squabble and fuss trying to get the attention of the big, bold self-involved rooster.


Every day, the big bold self-involved rooster picks one of the chickens to sit next to him. An honor for any simple chicken.


But Lola, didn’t want to sit next to the rooster. She wanted to sit next to someone special-someone who loves her and only her. So Lola decided that the simple chicken farm was too complicated and stepped outside the safety of the fence in search of something more. (BTW – The rooster’s ego was crushed and he learned his lesson)

Lola traveled far and picked her own path declaring, “Now it’s my turn to choose!”


Meet the fox. This can’t be good, right? Don’t foxes eat chickens? But who is to say that all foxes are bad…


This Set includes:

  • hardcover bilingual (English/Spanish) Lola Book with 32 pages of beautiful colorful illustrations
  • Lola Puppet
  • Fox Puppet

The Bottom Line:
You definitely can’t find cuter puppets to teach your kids about such love. Your son/daughter (your more human version of the less simple chicken, Lola) will love it! Once you’ve received your book and puppets please comment on this post to let me know how much your kiddos loved it.

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