The Perfect Baby Shower Gift for all my Girlfriends

The FDA regulates what we put in our mouths but what about ingredients we absorb through our skin? Studies have found evidence that babies may be absorbing chemicals such as phthalates (pronounced THA-lates) through their shampoo, lotion and powder. To make matters worse legally these ingredients don’t even have to appear on the label!

This why my new favorite baby shower gift is this Organic Baby Care Set from Sweet P’s.

I know Paula Morris, the creator of Sweet P’s, puts love and attention into every single one of her organic products. With Paula as the creator, I never have to worry about her ingredients being unsafe. This is why I not only use these products but I proudly give them to my girlfriends.

This Organic Baby Care Set comes packaged in two 100% Cotton Muslin Bags (one set is the baby’s home bag & the other set is the baby’s on the go bag) and includes the following items:

  1. JojoBaby Oil-100% Certified 4oz Jojoba Oil
  2. Baby Bottom Butter-one 2 oz Home jar & one 2 oz Travel tin
  3. Cloud No Talc Baby Powder-5 oz shaker plus mini travel
  4. Head to Toe Cleansing Bubbles-4oz

So I ask you, what type of products are you willing to use on your baby?

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Baby Shower Gift for all my Girlfriends”

  1. I just posted the products I use and what my 3 girls use for Earth Day! I’m very selective about what goes on and IN their skin! I will have to check out the products you mentioned.

  2. That is definitely a good present. I have to search for a baby shower gift soon also. So this is a good idea.

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