Keep Your Baby Hydrated with Nourish

What is Nourish Toddler?

  • 10 oz. bottles of purified spring water
  • Spill-proof sippy-top
  • Nothing can get in or out unless it’s in your toddler’s mouth
  • Made to fit toddler-sized hands
  • BPA free
  • Recyclable plastic bottle
  • Made in the USA

First impression are not always accurate:
When I was first contacted by Nourish last November I honestly thought it was a joke. At the time, Ivey was 100% breastfeed and the idea of bottle water for babies seemed rather ridiculous. My boobs provided everything she needed straight from the “tap” so packing a bottle (let alone a water bottle) just didn’t cross my mind.

It is amazing how your perception can quickly & drastically change:
Since November a few key things have changed which made my daughter less portable than before, especially when traveling.

  • My maternity leave ended which meant I returned to the office full time.
  • My daughter can now consume solids as well as other liquids besides breast milk
  • My daughter has started to drink from a sippy cup and is rather insistent about holding it herself

This is why I use Nourish Toddler:

  • Since Nourish Toddler is a BPA free recyclable, prefilled, spill proof sippy cup, it great for throwing into the diaper bag and forgetting about it. There will come a time when you realize you left the house without bringing anything for the baby to drink and you will quickly free guilt-free when you remember the Nourish that you so brilliantly packed away.
  • As a parent desperately trying to not buy sugary juices Nourish Toddler has saved me more than once.
  • Being that Nourish Toddler is a spill proof sippy cup Ivey actually drinks the water instead of just wearing it.
  • Since Nourish Toddler is sold sealed it makes airplane travel extremely easy. As soon as TSA sees that it is sealed there is no testing and no drama.
  • It is also great for amusement parks, stadiums etc., basically anywhere were they insist that bottles must be sealed.
  • This product is also great item for emergency kit(s).

I know as a society we have made great efforts to convince people to forgo the plastic water bottle and use a reusable container. I am not suggesting we only have our children drink bottle water but as a back-up plan this product has definitely made my life easier, especially when traveling.

Full Discloser: Nourish was kind enough to provide me with a few samples for my trip but the opinion represented here are my own.

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