Fun in the Arizona Sun: How to attend Spring Training with an infant and not lose your cool.

Last week we headed down to take in a little spring training and bask in the balmy yet beautiful Arizona weather. It was going to be a quick trip and I didn’t want to deal with checking luggage. During the planning process I was concerned with three things, the heat, the sun and the lack of refrigeration to keep my homemade baby food from spoiling.

This was going to be the first time we had traveled since Ivey started on solids and all of the sudden she didn’t seem as portable as when she was purely on the boob. Luckily with a little research I found three products that settled my concerns.

Nourish Spill-Proof Bottled Water
Using these spill-proof bottles of water with a sippy top I was able to quickly navigate  through security without any hassle. They were not only great for the airport but once at the ball park Ivey was able to sip the water and stay hydrated.

Sweet P’s – Organic Jojoba Sun Block
I was fearful that the whole family would be burnt to a crisp after a day in the Arizona sun. Luckily this organic sun block kept us all protected and gave me peace of mind since it doesn’t contain any of the chemicals found in other sun blocks.

Organic Baby Food from Ella’s Kitchen
Up until this trip I had been making all of Ivey’s baby food. This has not only saved us money but it allowed me control over the quality of ingredients. When I came across the organic baby food from Ella’s Kitchen I was not only impressed with the quality of the ingredients but the the cleaver packaging was extremely travel friendly.

Full Discloser: Nourish and Ella’s Kitchen was kind enough to provide me with a few samples for this trip but I will continue to purchase these products as I travel in the future.

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  1. All great ideas.. For some reason, I always forget sunblock – everywhere I go! Need to make a mental note to get a small tube for my purse!

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