Weight Loss Update

The Goal and Overall Plan:
Reach my goal weight (135 pounds) before my 35th birthday on April 9th.


I lost 3.5 pounds this week. Making it 11 pounds in 9 weeks. 28 pounds since I started my weight loss challenge in 2009 and 53 pounds since the day I went to the hospital to give birth to my daughter.

I have been working on my diet by making sure I get plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking a ton of water.

This week I focused mostly on portion control and religiously used my new EatSmart Precision Pro Scale. Obviously it must have had an impact because I lost a huge amount of weight and didn’t even feel hungry!

Discloser: EatSmart was kind enough to provide me with a Precision Pro Scale for testing purposes.

15 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update”

  1. Girl you are less than 10 lbs. away from your goal..OMG…that is awesome! Congrats! Yes, I do agree that it was too much weight to lose, but my body does that sometimes when I introduce something very new and challenging. Next week may be .5 or 1 lbs. instead, so just be ready to see that on the scale and you will be fine. XXOO

  2. Wow, your success has been inspiring to watch. Since you were breastfeeding how soon after baby was born did you begin your weight loss effort? Was it all diet at first? How did you make sure you were getting enough calories to breastfeed? When did you begin being active again? Do you still supplement breastfeed in addition to the yummy baby food your make? Any advice or tips would be appreciated.

  3. I started trying to lose weight roughly a month after my baby was born. For the first three months I focused mostly on working out. While on maternity leave I barely used my car, instead I walked everywhere.

    In Mid December I went back to work and was unable to log the same amount of miles therefore I started to focus on my diet.

    My baby drinks just as much breast milk today as she did prior to starting solids (about 30 ounces a day). Here is a link for you to check out: http://www.drgreene.com/qa/how-much-milk-should-baby-be-drinking

  4. Q: How did you make sure you were getting enough calories to breastfeed?
    A: That has been a little tricky. Breast feeding could burn as many as 500 calories a day. This week I probably didn’t get enough calories – because I lost a more weight than I was expecting. Since I pump while I am at work it is pretty easy to see if I am making enough milk. I also drink “nursing tea” to keep my supply up and I try to lose no more than 1.5 pounds a week to be safe.

  5. I lost a ton of weight with breastfeeding too – I loved it! I’m guessing that your loss this week was a combination of breastfeeding and measuring your portions – Good for you!!!

    Isn’t it amazing how we can still be satisfied when we are eating the right portions vs. the super-size we’ve grown accustomed to? Just tells me that you’re doing something right! Keep it up!

  6. Great job…I am sure that focusing on your portions using the scale made a big difference is seeing how much you really should have. Something I should probably look into sometime. Congrats on your awesome loss!

  7. WOW – You are full of great news today!!!! Congratulations. That scale must be great tool. I wouldn’t be surprised if sales go up after reading your post. lol

  8. Wow you are so close Kelly! That is so crazy! good job on using your scale. I need to get one of those. I am so impressed with you! Yeah! wtg!

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