Ivey Maudell is Six Months Old

Ivey Maudell turned six months old today. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. To ensure I remember all these special moments I will be taking a “birthday” picture every month for her first 24 months as well as charting her developments.

Summary of Ivey’s development this past month:

  • Will fully hold her own bottle while feeding
  • Will sit up unattended
  • Will make raspberry sounds with her mouth (i.e. blowing a raspberry)
  • Has started to eat solids
  • Will attempt to feed herself solids
  • Is able to recognize her name and understands that you are speaking to her
  • Will initiate attention from others
  • Is very interested in jewelry – diamonds in particular

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7 thoughts on “Ivey Maudell is Six Months Old”

  1. I was cruising your blog and came across this post just as my husband looked at my screen. He made the noise he makes when he gets to hold a bunny… in other words he thinks your daughter is a beautiful little creature.

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