How to Make Baby Food: Peas

We decided to start Ivey on peas today. Instead of buying fresh local peas and spending time removing them from their pods I cheated and purchased frozen organic Peas from Columbia River Organics. Please note: when buying frozen peas make sure to carefully read the package I was surprised to find out that many contain salt (a big no-no for baby food).


I placed both bags of peas in a pot and added about a cup of water. I brought it to a boil.


Once it started to boil I turned the heat down. I stirred, covered it and waited until it was heated through.


I then quickly blended it up with this great blender.


After Ivey and I had a nice helping of peas we still had enough to fill two Fresh Baby trays – providing us plenty of leftovers for the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “How to Make Baby Food: Peas”

  1. Those trays are awesome. Remind me about them when I have the next one, would ya?
    BTW: pulled out the 100 best Baby purees again for you today. It’s yours whenever you like.

  2. Awesome Amy. I look forward to seeing you soon. So far, I have been keeping the foods simple – but shortly I am sure the baby is gonna start craving something that isn’t so boring.

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