How to Make Baby Food: Apples and Pears

We decided to start Ivey on apples and pears today. I bought the best fresh local organic apples and pears I could find. I peeled them, removed the core and then cut the fruit into small chunks.


I placed all the cut apple and pears into a pot and added roughly two cups of water. I found it hard to tell how much water to add since the fruit were pretty ripe and therefore juicy. I brought the pot to a boil and cooked the fruit with the lid on until it was fork tender which only took a few minutes.


I then quickly blended it up with this great blender.


After Ivey and I had a nice helping we still had enough to fill four Fresh Baby trays – providing us plenty of leftovers for the coming weeks. I was surprised that Ivey didn’t go crazy for this. So far she seems to like vegetables over fruits.

One thought on “How to Make Baby Food: Apples and Pears”

  1. Ben’s first loves were vegetables. Only later did he take on apple without making a face. Peas, green beans, squash. And his favorite still is sweet potato.

    Nice process pics Kel! Add some cinnamon to the apples.

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