20 Pounds in 13 Weeks – Week #7

The Goal and Overall Plan:
Lose 20 pounds before my 35th birthday (April 9th).


I lost zero pounds this week. Making it 6 pounds in 7 weeks. 23 pounds since I started my weight loss challenge in 2009 and 48 pounds since the day I went to the hospital to give birth to my daughter.

I admit to having a hard day and inhaling an In and Out Burger on Thursday. It was my way of  coping with emotional trauma caused by a trip to the DMV. I did however spend the week eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, drinking a ton of water and even managed to exercise.

So why the plateau? I blame Aunt Flow. Not only does this explain the melt down at the DMV but I must be carrying some water weight – right?

13 thoughts on “20 Pounds in 13 Weeks – Week #7”

  1. I remember your rough DMV day, I am glad you rebounded with produce and water the rest of the day. Good job. Thanks for the encouragement on my post today. I hope to emulate your success after I give birth.

  2. This just shows ya how different every woman’s pregnancy and post pregnancy is . I didn’t see the aunt until I weened Maddy at 10 months. Sucky thing is she’s a vindictive B%(&$ and it’s been worse than I’ve ever known. Guess I should just get pregnant again.

  3. Yes, AF kills everything for me when she comes around. You were quick on your feet to find something healthy to eat after your lil eating indulgence so KUDOS girl! We all have been there so we completely understand. You’re doing fab! Keep it up :)

  4. Ugh!! I hate California’s DMV. There was a whole Monday a few weeks back that was robbed from me b/c of CA’s DMV. I understand completely the need to inhale a burger after being there. Lorrie’s right, maintaining is definitely a success when AF is around. This week will be awesome! Keep up your great work!

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