My Final Weight Loss Update for 2009

The Goal and Overall Plan: Lose 37 pounds before 01/01/10

  • My goal weight is 135 pounds
  • My plan was to lose 2 pounds per week
  • My daily calorie budget was 1,493 calories

In sixteen weeks I have lost 17 pounds. This is a far cry from from the 37 pounds I had hoped to lose, but that original goal might not have been that realistic. Even if I didn’t meet my goal I did accomplish a lot this year. I was 197 pounds on August 1oth when I was admitted into the hospital to give birth to my daughter.

So what now? I guess it is time to set a new goal…

I have decided I am going to go on vacation this April. Somewhere warm. I want to ring in my 35th year on this planet looking and feeling hot. That is 20 pounds in 13 weeks.

4 thoughts on “My Final Weight Loss Update for 2009”

  1. Great job Kelly! It all takes time… It took longer than a few weeks to gain the weight, and unfortunately, it’ll take that time and some to lose it… in a healthy way.. You are doing a great job!! You WILL reach your goal! Keep it up!!!

    Might I suggest coming out here to good ol’ NC for your vacation? It’s warm! We have amazing beaches!!! LOL

  2. Congrats!! Are you using your IPOD app for the weight loss? It really helps keep you on track so stick with it. If you feel like snacking always have something healthy around. And also break up your work out so that your body doesnt get use to one thing. Every now and then you have shock it. I’m trying to loose weight as well and of course its not easy but you can do it. Even though you didnt reach your goal At least you met it more than half way. Keep up the good work.

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