Lavender, Lavender, Lavender

Sometimes you just need to relax. Whether that means locking yourself in the bathroom and soaking in the tub for 30 minutes or just closing your eyes for 30 seconds. Either way, seems to be more relaxing when you use a little lavender.

Here are some of my favorite lavender products:

1. Lotions to Go ($9.99)
Seriously, I don’t leave home without this. It smells divine and I consider this my spa treatment on the go. Use this to moisturize your hands, fingernail cuticles, elbows, lips, etc. Lotion to Go is made with the finest quality organic ingredients and is USDA certified organic and contains no alcohol or preservatives. This small portable tube last an amazing long time.

2. Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Lavender Mist ($7.59)
I spray this on my night gown, bed sheets, blanket, pillow, and even my face. It helps me relax and sleep like a baby.  I have also used this as a perfume.

3. EO Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray ($4.24)
The thing I love about this product is instead of those messy gel based sanitizers this spray goes on clean and light. Organic Lavender Essential Oil is naturally antiseptic so not only does it sanitize but it smells great.

4. Dr. Bronners Lavender Magic Soap
I have used it to hand wash dishes and clothes, in the bath tub, as a shampoo, and even to brush my teeth. Besides using it at home I use it camping and after surfing. If not properly diluted, the soap can be a little drying but it smells great and really gets things clean. Check your local store for the ability to refill your container, saving you money and saving the environment.

5. Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil ($20)
Add a little to your bath or use it as a massage oil either way it smells great. I love to use it right as I get out of the bath tub before patting myself dry.

6.  Organic Essence – Lavender Shea Cream ($19.89)
From the same company that makes “Lotions to Go”, this lavender shea cream comes in an organic jar that is completely biodegradable! I love to rub this into my feet and put on socks before slipping into bed.

What scents help you relax?
What products do you love that help you relax?

Full Discloser: Organic Essence was kind enough to provide me a sample of their lavender shea cream for testing purposes but I continue to use (and purchase) this product because I love it.

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