What to Wear: Typical Tuesday

I know most people wouldn’t be caught dead in maternity clothes post pregnancy but honestly, this pencil skirt from Japanese Weekend is one of my favorite wardrobe staples.

I am not sure about the scarf I wore today and I wonder if I should have worn the Athleta Burn Out Scarf I wore yesterday instead.

Do you think this outfit works?
How would you modify it to match your style and personality?

One thought on “What to Wear: Typical Tuesday”

  1. Dude – it takes our womb-area time to bounce back and Japanese Weekend is good stuff. You gotta get your money’s worth. (I can’t believe how cool maternity stuff is now compared to 7 years ago) I wouldn’t wear black leggings so you could see the cute shoes – love the bag. Otherwise, you are darling as usual.

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