Returing to Work After Maternity Leave

So after 161 wonderful days of maternity leave I headed back to work today. It was hard, but thanks to a great class at Kaiser and I was well prepared. Here are a few suggestions I found helpful…

At least two weeks before returning to work:

  • Clean out and update your closet
  • Finalize child care arrangements
  • Work with your manager to create a reentry plan
  • Introduce the bottle
  • Complete a “practice day

The night before returning to work:

  • Ensure your car has enough gas to get you to and from work for a few days
  • Wash and blow dry your hair instead of waiting till the morning.
  • Pack everything you need to bring to work (including your lunch).
  • Layout (and try on) your clothes.

Although I LOVE my maternity leave uniform (a.k.a yoga wear) I was excited to wear work clothes again.

What I wore today:

I know most people wouldn’t be caught dead in maternity pants post pregnancy but honestly, these pants from Japanese Weekend are not your typical maternity wear. I wanted to look stylish and still feel comfortable. These pants do just that.

2 thoughts on “Returing to Work After Maternity Leave”

  1. Yeahhhh! So happy to hear that your first day went so well. I think you nailed it on the head when you said you were prepared – makes a big difference. Love the fact that you went back to work carrying that gorgeous green bag! Congrats on getting thru your first day back at work!

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