Breast Milk, Breast Milk, Everywhere

As I straighten my house and prepare for the impending arrival of family and friends, I noticed something different this year. BREAST MILK. Not only is my urban loft decorated with breast pump paraphernalia but I keep running across (crusty and dried up) breast milk in the oddest places. I am rather certain the breast milk is reproducing on its own. Surely, I could not have dribbled all over the house. Well, at least not in the hard to reach places, like behind the sofa.

I mean come on, behind the sofa? How on earth did it get there? I am really scratching my head on that one.

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2 thoughts on “Breast Milk, Breast Milk, Everywhere”

  1. Let’s see, you picked the baby up to burp her and she spewed a little milk behind the sofa. That’s my guess.

    Somehow, mine always ends up on the computer screens.

  2. Ha ha, that is a riot. I pulled out a pair of shoes I hadn’t worn in quite some time (my youngest son is now 20 months, and I stopped nursing him at 14 months) and found that the top of one of the shoes had those telltale marks on them. Must have been from a pumping trip at work…which means I wore it around the office that way the rest of the day.

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