Weight Loss Update #6

The Goal and Overall Plan: Lose 37 pounds before 01/01/10

  • My goal weight is 135 pounds
  • My plan is to lose 2 pounds per week
  • My daily calorie budget is 1,493 calories

This Week’s Results…

With one yoga class, one pilates class and a little over 3 miles logged I lost 2 pounds this week (for a grand total of 10 pounds in six weeks). Although I did manage to lose two pounds I am seriously losing steam. I am not sure how I am going to spice things up but I know I need to.

What I did:

Next Week’s Plan:

  • Walk/jog with the stroller a minimum of two miles a day 4 days a week
  • Complete two personal training sessions at Fit Personal Fitness Studio
  • Attend Mom and Baby Yoga Class on Wednesday
  • Attend Postnatal Pilates on Friday
  • Keep my caloric intake to roughly 1500 calories a day (using Loseit to track this)
  • At the end of the week, adjust the overall plan (as needed) in order to reach the goal.
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