The Quest for the Perfect Rattle

During Mommy & Baby Yoga I caught Ivey eyeballing a rattle belonging to the baby next to us. As I moved into downward dog I realized that Ivey didn’t own a single rattle. What kind of mother neglects to buy her daughter a rattle? I mean, surely people get reported to Child Protective Services for these types of things? I vowed, right then and there, to rectify the situation prior to creating a gap in her overall child development.

And then began our quest for the perfect rattle…

Based on the way she was drooling over it during yoga class it was safe to assume that this rattle would be spending countless hours inside of her mouth. As a result, I decided it was best to limit our search to rattles free of PVC, BPA, and Petroleum. I might have screwed up by not buying her a rattle earlier, but I would be damned if I was going to listen to her nag me 25 years from now for allowing her to put poison in her mouth.

In a fashion befitting Goldilocks, we found several rattles that were too heavy or too small for her to easily pick up. Rattles that didn’t rattle enough or rattled too much and made her cry. After multiple stores and countless rattles I finally found the very same rattle that originally made her drool.

The Cornstarch Teether Rattle from Green Sprouts is eco-friendly, light weight, and has a nice sound. It is also big enough to fit around Ivey’s wrist which allow it to double as a bracelet. It is a tad on the pricey side at $9.97 but nowhere as expensive as the not so practical silver rattle from Tiffany’s that I originally was going to get her.

Note: The above video was shot, edited, and posted using my iPhone.

4 thoughts on “The Quest for the Perfect Rattle”

  1. I totally understand this! Buying toys for my own kids is torturous because I always want the PERFECT, most eco-friendly things out there and I spend so much time looking for them. :)

  2. She is getting so big! Not mention even more beautiful every day….of course I am totally biased……

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