7 thoughts on “The Baby in the Bumbo”

  1. Such a smart mommy! You’re going to love that thing! I wish I had started Maddy in it earlier. She looks wonderful by the way, so darn cute!

  2. Amy,
    Well thank you for lending me the Bumbo! It is great to be able to share and reuse baby products with friends – less expensive and less things that will eventually end up in a landfill.

  3. Omg, how cute is this!!!!!
    Yeah, Chase used to enjoy the bumbo a lot, because even as a tiny thing he loved to be able to sit up and look around, rather than lay back in someone’s arms.

  4. Aw, this makes me sad because we just outgrew the Bumbo, she starts climbing out of it now that she can sit on her own. Ivey is such a cutie! We got it as a hand me down too.

  5. THANK YOU for this post! I have been wanting to get Fi this for a while. She loves sitting upright when we hold her but we don’t always want to hold her (shocking isn’t it). My husband says “she has enough stuff”. I showed him your post about worrying about their head getting flat & he said ok go ahead :) Yay!

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