Lamb Finger Blanket from RedEnvelope

Shortly after Ivey was born we received a Lamb Finger Blanket as a gift from my husband’s boss. At first, I chalked it into the pricey and personalized category typically offered by retailers like RedEnvelope. However to my surprise, it quickly become her favorite nap time toy.

Even though the stuffed lamb is still too heavy for her to hold she enjoys grabbing and rubbing the satin-edge of the blanket. Based on how much she seem to enjoy this activity I feel it is safe to assume she will cart this everywhere we go once she is strong enough. At $19.95 (or $24.80 embroidered) it may be a little pricey but considering the benefits of a good nap (for both of us) it may just be worth it.

Update:  01/25/10 – This Lamb Finger Blanket has become such an important part of Ivey’s nap time routine that I recently purchased a second one for her to keep at daycare. Honestly, I am not sure it she would go down for a nap without it.

Update:  08/09/13 – We are currently down to one very worn lamby. We really hope RedEnvelope adds this back to their catalog!

Note: The above video was shot, edited, and posted using my iPhone.

6 thoughts on “Lamb Finger Blanket from RedEnvelope”

  1. That’s so cute! She really does like to rub it on her face. I might have to get Fi one (and embroider it myself if I can get myself into the sewing room).
    She is so adorable

  2. Something about the satin that babies enjoy touching and rubbing. My oldest son had one too…..and he carried it for a long time.

  3. I am so glad that I stumbled across this! My daughter loves her lamb blanket, but now I can’t find another one anywhere! Do you have any suggestions?

  4. So glad I happened upon this. Has anyone found this blanket yet? I have checked all over online and eBay and cannot find one. We tried to substitute her blanket with others of the same fabric and she will only take that one. Please if anyone can help in anyway that would be great. Thank you

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