Bring Your Baby to the Movies

I thought my movie theater days were on hold due to the recent birth of my daughter however I was pleasantly surprised to discover the FREE Monthly Mom and Baby Movie at the Presidio Theater on Chestnut Street.

For years now Jill Russo and Lorianne Daluz have been sponsoring the Monthly Mom and Baby Movie and as a result admission is free for Moms, kids and their friends.

At first I was a little skeptical; what was the catch, why was the movie free? How on earth could I watch a movie with a newborn? What if she cried? What if I needed to breastfeed or change her diaper?

When I arrived at the theater I found myself standing outside making small talk amongst a sea of moms, babies, strollers, and the occasional dad. We parked our strollers in the lobby and proceeded to carry our babies (and their gear) up the stairs while politely maneuvering to secure the best possible seats. Jill then introduced herself and gave the softest 30 second sales pitch I have ever heard. The lights were dimmed (only slightly) and the movie started. Throughout the movie babies would cry, mothers fed, diapers were changed, and babies were burped and bounced.

I can only assume that anyone without a child would be annoyed by the noise however I found it heart touching and personally I was thrilled to be in a theater watching a newly released movie.

Check out on the Tuesday prior to Thursday showing for specific movie information.

Moms, babies, kids, friends
FREE newly released movie
Where: Presidio Theater on Chestnut Street in San Francisco
Second Thursday of each month at 1:00pm

Additional Tip: Walk or take public transportation (if possible) and consider sitting down and having lunch at Pluto’s prior to the movie, the salads are scrumptious!

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  1. What! This is such a fun find! I wish they had something similar in Boston… there truly is not enough activities like this out there.

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