Okay Fatty, Now What?

Photo by Donna Griffith

I finally built up the courage to step on the scale (a task I had been putting this off for over a month). The good news is I had shed 23 pounds during the process of giving birth. The bad news is that I had ONLY shed 23 pounds which means I’m 32 pounds heavier than I was prior to getting pregnant.

As I looked down at the scale I decided that urgent action must be taken. I formalized a goal and crafted a plan of attack. However I knew I needed more than a goal and a plan in order to make THIS stick. Since I thrive on fear and the potential of public ridicule, I am going air my dirty laundry by publicly documenting my weight loss and exercise routine. Who knows maybe it will even inspire others to join me (hint, hint nudge, nudge). Bare minimum I am hoping it will increase my accountability and therefore my chances of success.

The Goal: Lose 37 pounds before 01/01/10 (present weight is 172 pounds and my goal weight is 135 pounds)

The Plan:

  • Walk/jog with the stroller a minimum of two miles a day 7 days a week
  • Attend Mom and Baby Yoga Class on Wednesdays
  • Attend Postnatal Pilates on Fridays
  • Reduce my caloric intake
  • Adjust plan at the end of every week (as needed) in order to reach the goal.

To Ensure Success I Will…

  • use Loseit to track all the food I consume as well as the calories I burn.
  • use nikeplus to record the details of my daily walk/jog.
  • post my weight as well as a weekly summary at the end of each week (Saturday).

2 thoughts on “Okay Fatty, Now What?”

  1. Kelly – your goal is S.M.A.R.T.: Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Realistic; Time-sensitive. You’ve probably noted you’ll need to lose about 2lbs per week to achieve your goal weight, which is healthy and totally doable with effort!!
    Go KELLY!!!

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