Maternity Leave – Day 28

194.5 pounds (a result of the walking or the vomiting?) and 2 days until my due date.

I popped out of bed at 7:20am, feeling 100% better and ready for the day. I cleaned myself up bypassing all domestic activities and headed out the door to once again “walk this baby out.”

My mom had been worried about me (I could tell) and had taken the day off work to in order to attend my weekly OBGYN appointment.

At the appointment I was informed that my cervix had not yet dilated and I was only about 40% effaced. I appeared to be having a high level of anxiety (no really?) and they suggested we scheduled an induction for 8/21 (as a backup) while all along reassuring me that the baby could come at “anytime.” What they seemed to fail to understand, however, is that not knowing when this baby is going to show up is precisely what is causing the anxiety.

After my appointment my mom and I shared a large salad at Pluto’s where I convinced her, that instead of yet another walk, what I really needed was a trip to the movie theater for a double dose of chick flicks. As it turns out The Proposal and The Ugly Truth provided me exactly the distraction I needed and I left the movie theater utterly gleeful.

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