Maternity Leave – Day 26

195.5 pounds and 4 days until my due date.

I woke up at 9:00am, tired since I had spent a majority of last night obsessively reading from my Kindle (thanks to my new handy dandy light).

Having not swiffered the day prior the house felt filthy. Not only did I complete my normal morning routine (swiffering/straightening) I then spent the rest of the day burning through two dozen Mr. Clean Magic Erasers as I scrubbed every wall and baseboard in our loft.  I compensated for this manic behavior, which is not good for the baby, by playing classical music (nonstop) which will hopefully improve the chances of this baby being smarter than her mother.

My day ended with even more excitement when the UPS driver showed up with my Eames – Style Rocker by Modernica, which happens to be the final (and most expensive) piece of furniture for the nursery.

Eames - Style Rocker by Modernica
Eames - Style Rocker by Modernica

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