Maternity Leave – Day 8

190 pounds and 22 days until my due date.

I woke up at 7:00am so giddy it didn’t matter how little I had actually slept the night before. Today was the one day a year our HOA pays to have the outsides of our windows cleaned. This excited me because I had decided I would use this opportunity to clean the insides of the windows and screens as well. As I am sure you can image, living on a busy street, in the middle of the city, windows can get rather filthy over the course of a year.

To be honest, prior to getting pregnant, I would have never noticed if our windows were dirty. Due to my pregnancy however, I had developed a super human ability to see and smell dirt. This is the same newfound ability that, just a few short months ago, had prompted me to have the carpets in the bedrooms yanked out and replaced with hardwood.

After a multi-phased process, lasting several hours and using a myriad of cleaning products our windows looked AMAZING. The faint smell of mold and city grime had been replaced with a fresh sweet-smelling breeze that seems much more appropriate for housing a newborn. The only problem is, I am positive, it will not last a year let alone until mid-December when I return to work.

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