Maternity Leave – Day 5

19o pounds and 25 days until my due date.

I woke up at 4:00am after obtaining minimal sleep and quietly removed myself from the bed; allowing my husband to continue his peaceful slumber. Grateful that my hospital bag was finally packed, I was at a lost for what to do so,  I ended up spending the day twittering, swiffering, reading, and taking a short walk.

When my husband eventually returned from work, we headed over to Kaiser for our “Introduction to Breastfeeding” class.

The class began with an impromptu award ceremony congratulating the participants on their sainthood for choosing to breastfeed.  Followed by a short biology lesson as well as tips on positioning and latching. I am unclear on why people keep congratulating me on my decision to breastfeed. To be honest, my primary reasons for breastfeeding seem selfish:

  1. Breast milk is cheaper than formula. I see no reason to spend good money on something my body is going to make for free.
  2. The quality of breast milk is better than formula. Why buy a knock off when you could have an original?
  3. The desire to start losing all the weight I have gained. How else can you burn 500 calories a day and tighten your stomach muscles without breaking a sweat?

2 thoughts on “Maternity Leave – Day 5”

  1. lol, girl you and all your swiffering!!! :-) i wish i enjoyed doing it as much as you….. dh wouldn’t walk into the kitchen each evening, frowning at the state of the floor, if i did (lol)

    breastfeeding is awesome, and im so glad you are taking this class…. i sure wish i had! it would certainly have saved me some heartache and drama, trying to figure out how to get DS to latch on good and also establish a good breastfeeding relationship with him. it was harder than i thought in the beginning!

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