Maternity Leave – Day 4

19o pounds and 26 days until my due date.

I awoke at 7:45am to the sound of my iPhone receiving a text message. To my surprise, I had slept for an amazing 8+ hours and without the well timed message I would have, more than likely, overslept and missed art class.

By 8:55 I had made the bed, swiffered the floors and gotten myself ready for the day.

I arrived at art class early and began playing with my iPhone apps. Via Facebook, I was notified that a friend’s wife (who was supposed to be due on 8/8) had just delivered their baby. WHAT? How is this possible? She was supposed to be due AFTER me for crying out loud. I mean, come on, my hospital bag isn’t even packed yet. I quickly begged God for mercy. “Please lord let me finish this art class and drive home without going into labor and I promise I will not consume any more ice cream before my bag is packed.”

One thought on “Maternity Leave – Day 4”

  1. lmao! yeah, i remember how much i reaalllyyy wanted to finish out my last day of work before maternity leave, and i was willing baby chase not to come early! in the end, he didnt…. but ended up coming late – to a point where i was sooo ready to deliver.

    The sunglasses are from Target! there’s a section in the sunglasses section with children’s sunglasses. Those have a strap that go all around his head and are adjustable (with velcroe)

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