Maternity Leave – Day 3

19o pounds (you have to be kidding me) and 27 days until my due date.

I pulled my husband out of bed at 6am after having stared anxiously at the ceiling for 2 hours. During the night I had obtained 6 hours of sleep, which left me wide awake and ready to get a move on the day.

I made him coffee (which I never do) and didn’t even drink a drop. I made the bed, swiffered the floors and began to get ready.

All was good until I stepped on the scale (190 pounds! – WTF?). I decided to console myself by eating breakfast (which consisted of a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream), not a wise move, I admit, but it was either that or a complete breakdown.

After pulling myself together we left the house and headed to our “Preparing for Birth” class at Kaiser, where I was happy to see that we were not the only procrastinators.  There were two other couples with due dates the first week of August and just meeting them put me somewhat at ease.

During class, however, I found myself looking down at my chipped toe nail polish in disgust. Not only was my hospital bag not packed, the car seat not yet installed but there was absolutely no way I could allow myself to go into labor with trashy looking toes.

Post-class, the world’s best husband installed our car seat while I promptly headed to get a mani-pedi.

One thought on “Maternity Leave – Day 3”

  1. lol yeah, i gained way too much weight during pregnancy. lol. i think they say a “healthy” weight gain (for an average sized woman) is 25-35 lbs? yeah right!!! hehe. oh well… most of it goes once u deliver. and if u breastfeed u lose even more.

    omg, we were so last minute with things too! thank god we had the crib/basinett put together…. but DH reaalllly dragged his feet with the swing, the car seat, and the jumper (the last one wasnt that important, since DS didnt start using it til like 3/4 months).

    yeah, i got a pedi and hair done just before going into the hospital as well. :-) it was nice, considering i had totally slacked off with my appearance throughout the duration of the pregnancy. so pampering myself felt really good.

    definitely try to relax and rest as much as you can before the baby comes. dont feel bad if you feel like you have too much “free time” at home now that u are on leave, and DONT try to fill it with chores that dont really need to be done. i mean, honestly, this is ure last YOU time, so just enjoy having only you to care about. once the baby comes, you’ll never ever get that back (well not for a looong time anyway).

    Hehe, we also waited to take our classes kinda late! I guess i was just paranoid to do it too early, lest i jinx myself, u know? My shower was in the third trimester as well.

    i wrote this blog with my reflections/advice for moms-to-be: Some time about Labor and Deliver, as well as leading up to the birth.

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