Maternity Leave – Day 21

195 pounds and 9 days until my due date.

I woke up at 3am after getting pretty much no sleep. I ate breakfast and played around on the computer until my husband exited the bed and I was therefore able to make it and tackle the rest of my morning routine.

I left the house before noon and headed to my weekly OBGYN appointment where I was admittedly not a happy camper due to the following complaints:

  • My hands and feet are severely swollen and numb
  • I have constant heartburn
  • I weigh as much as a baby elephant
  • And now to top it off – it appears I have hemorrhoids.

My OBGYN kindly said that hemorrhoids are rather common doing pregnancy due to the large amount of weight that one carries (yeah that helped – thanks). She then proceed to tell me how she could sympathize with my overall discomfort, but then admitted that all four of her children were born prior to 39 weeks (again, also not helpful). She did however instruct me to walk and have as much sex as possible which I am sure my husband is going to love.

One thought on “Maternity Leave – Day 21”

  1. Awww, I’m sure that baby elephants weigh at least a TON more than you! :)
    That really sucks about the hemorrhoids. Why oh why is there so many annoying things that go along with pregnancy? I mean – aren’t women SUPPOSED to have kids? You wouldn’t think so with all this stuff going on – lol
    Why does sex seem to be the answer for everything in late pregnancy? I swear, every post I see says how good sex is. :)

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