Maternity Leave – Day 2

187.5 pounds and 28 days until my due date.

My eyes snapped open at 7:45am (after 3 hours a sleep) due to vigorous licking on my forehead by my loving dog and overly assertive cat. My husband had already left for work and did not wake me (God bless him) however the animals were now hungry and wanted to be fed.

As they gobbled down their food I swiffered and sipped a cup of caffeinated coffee (naughty naughty prego).

Even though I was dead dog tired I was excited; today is what my husband and I refer to as “hotel night”. Every Friday morning for the past several years our cleaning lady has accepted a reasonable payment to do all the things I dread. Today of all days I probably could have forgone the swiffering however, cleaning lady or no cleaning lady, this activity (slightly obsessive compulsive I admit) has become part of my morning wake up routine.

After toasting myself two multi-grain waffles I threw on some sweats, pulled back my hair and headed off to UCSF. Not only was I planning on getting in a workout; I had an appointment for a much needed prenatal massage.  I ended up barely mustering enough energy to break a sweat however I did manage to sleep during most of my massage (which brings me to a whopping 3.5 hours).

When I eventually arrived home (post lunch) the house was clean and quiet. So quiet – the only activity I could manage was to climb under my freshly cleaned sheets and start re-reading New Moon (for the second time).


  • Items on my to-do list completed = 0
  • Day time television shows watched and ice cream consumed = 0

2 thoughts on “Maternity Leave – Day 2”

  1. Sounds like you are finding some great things to do during your maternity leave!!! Most importantly, im so happy to see that you are taking time out to just RELAX and pamper YOU, by sleeping in, getting massages, etc. It becomes sooo hard to take care of you after baby comes, so really awesome if you can enjoy that now. Good luck!!!

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