Maternity Leave – Day 15

191 pounds and 15 days until my due date.

I woke up at 7:00am to find my husband standing over me, staring at the clock, with his hands gently placed upon my stomach. My first instinct was to slap him away and pull the covers over my head until I realized he was only trying to help me by checking my kick count. Which, by the way, my OBGYN had scolded me the day prior for not regularly monitoring. I understand the importance of this task, however, I never can seem to stay focused and sit still for up to two hours, holding my belly, counting my daughter’s movements. Plus the little bugger seems to move the most in the middle of the night when all I want to do is sleep.

After my husband was satisfied with the kick count I got out of bed and kissed him goodbye. I completed my normal morning routine and spent the rest of the day reading, playing on the computer and putting around the house.

In the evening, we met up with several family members for dinner at a local steak house. Unfortunately, the evening took a turn for the worst when, during normal conversation, it was determined that the only person in attendance that weighed more than me was my 6’4″ husband.

One thought on “Maternity Leave – Day 15”

  1. Awww – that is so sad!! Hmmm, great to know I have that to look forward to ;0
    You really have to sit still and count for 2 HOURS? That seems like a rather long time. I do read that it’s important though…
    Good luck!

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