Maternity Leave – Day 11

193 pounds (unfreakin’ believable) and 19 days until my due date.

My husband pulled me out at bed at 9:00am. I randomly gathered my hair back into a pseudo ponytail/bun, climbed into a pair of sweats and brushed my teeth. I left the house in disarray, having forgone my normal morning chores, and stumbled out the door just in time to attend art class.

They are generally surprised to see me when I attend class now. This is demonstrated by, my instructor refusing to take my enrollment fee for this semester compounded with the fact that she no longer sets up my station prior to my arrival. Every week, I am now greeted with gentle smirks, belly rubs and harmless jokes about when the “new student” will arrive not to mention the looks of concern as if they fear my water may break on the studio floor.

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