Maternity Leave – Day 10

192 pounds and 20 days until my due date.

I got out of bed at 8am. I managed to get myself, the house and my husband ready without actually waking up. We dragged ourselves out of the house and to the coffee shop where I proceeded to wake myself (and the baby) up with a latte — single shot, of course.

Today was our last “Preparing for Birth” class at Kaiser. To be honest, I had been somewhat praying for an early labor in hopes of bypassing this class. Don’t get me wrong, I know I need all the baby prep I can get. However, in my opinion, the chairs in this class are the most UNCOMFORTABLE chairs in the world and the idea of sitting my wide prego a** in one of them for half a day felt like it could be possibly as painful as labor.

One thought on “Maternity Leave – Day 10”

  1. Kelly,
    Your posts are so refreshing, and reminding me of a time not too long ago. This post in particular…
    We didn’t even make it to our 2nd birth prep class. We hated it (not because of the chairs, but because of the way the content was shared with us). It didn’t prevent us to have a good delivery. I think attitude and being somewhat in shape (in my case, doing a lot of yoga and walking) are a lot more important than knowing all the books.
    I hope all is well. Good luck with the last few weeks. You are going to have such a great time with the baby (I promise, the fun is real… don’t despair over the lack of sleep at the beginning).

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