Maternity Leave – Day 1

188 pounds (how is that even possible?) and 29 days until my due date

Today was my first day of maternity leave and it felt strange to not be doing my job. I woke up at 7am with a huge unexpected smile on my face. Looking back on it, I have to admit the reason for my exuberance was the mere fact that I was officially on maternity leave. I see this time off as a gift; a huge opportunity to prepare and  I don’t want to waste a single second. My only so called enemy is laziness; which I will fight to ensure this precious time is not spent laying around watching Oprah and eating large amounts of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

I kissed my husband good-bye as he left for work and promptly started my standard 3S morning ritual: swiffering, straightening and showering (which is my more complex domestic version of the s***, shower and shave). I then found myself wondering what might be on TV.  Lucky for me, I redirected my brain prior to picking up the remote and picked up a pen instead quickly jotting down a somewhat ambitious to-do list.

  • water plants on patio
  • blog something, anything since my last entry was over 3 month ago
  • finish thank you notes for all the baby gifts I have received *
  • attempt to sell used books and CD’s on Amazon in hopes funding my Kindle habit **
  • go to the gym or at least a 20 minute walk
  • go to Kaiser and fill out needed additional disability/leave forms
  • go bra shopping (again)
  • go grocery shopping +
  • make dinner for my loving husband (oh man will he be surprised since he normally cooks dinner)

* Sorry mom, I know it has been a month since the baby shower – tomorrow I promise
** Not only did I sell my Twilight series I also sold two CD’s as well
+ In addition to several healthy meals I managed to slip in two containers of Ben & Jerry’s which I plan to NOT consume tomorrow while watching Oprah.

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