Half Way There!

Now that I am officially past the half way mark of this pregnancy, I thought I would take a moment to document the things I did not expect, and gather your thoughts on what might still be in store for me.

  • My migraines have disappeared. I have had at least one migraine a month since I was a small child; however amazingly, I haven’t had a single migraine during my pregnancy so far.
  • My skin has become “sensitive”. I can no longer use some of the same skin care products/routines that I have religiously used for years. For example, I have always had my eyebrows waxed until a waxing early in my pregnancy led to half of my eyelid coming off, leaving me with scabs that lasted for over a week.
  • My taste buds have changed. I crave hot sauce – the hotter the better and I can’t seem to get enough of it no matter how much heartburn is likely to follow.
  • I REALLY dislike being sick while pregnant. Okay call me a wimp, but I recently had the worst cold/flu ever due to the fact I wasn’t able to max out on all the wonderful over-the-counter drugs that I have traditionally used in the past.
  • I really like my baby belly. I find it incredibly liberating not to have to walk around sucking in my stomach all day. I was also not expecting to like looking pregnant but I honestly think my self image is healthier now than it has probably been my whole adult life.

What things surprised you about your pregnancy? Any ideas on what else I should expect during the last half of my pregnancy?

Note:  Originally posted on Walmart’s Baby Buzz Blog on 4/6/2009.

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