It’s a Girl and I am in Love

During the beginning of my pregnancy, I experienced grueling morning sickness and at moments, I began to second-guess myself. What am I doing? Am I maternal enough to be a good mother? If I am struggling this much now, how am I going to handle the sleepless nights and midnight feedings?

I am sure I will continue to experience ups and downs during my pregnancy; however, I’ve recently experienced several things that have boosted my confidence and made me completely grateful for this amazing opportunity to be a mother.

I recently found out I’m having a girl. I would have been equally happy with a boy but for some reason knowing it’s a girl has taken this pregnancy to another level.

Another thing that has helped me connect is the somewhat strange and surreal feeling of her moving around inside me. I have also begun talking to her, which probably makes me look slightly insane. I have no idea if she can hear me or not but I love her and I want her to know.

Not only is my connection to my daughter growing but also it is amazing how pregnancy can bring a couple even closer. This past weekend my husband bought an heirloom tomato just to show me the present size of our baby growing inside me. At that moment, I think I fell in love with him all over again. He is going to be an awesome dad.

Note: Originally posted on Walmart’s Baby Buzz Blog on 3/16/2009.

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