I am on the Walmart.com Homepage

wm-hp-0314091I got an amazing opportunity, my picture on Walmart.com! I’ve worked on several websites during my career. I can honestly say this is the only company I have worked for that showcases their customers and associates on their homepage.

If you haven’t ever uploaded a story to Walmart.com’s Connect & Share I suggest you give it a try – You never know, your picture could be on the homepage next!

5 thoughts on “I am on the Walmart.com Homepage”

  1. Congradulations on the new born. The Youngest Tirman here in AZ is twenty and sixteen. There are seven Tirmans in the State. Your website is awesome; great work. ___r.t.

  2. That’s awesome!! I LOVE Walmart! I wish I had a Walmart close to me but they won’t put one in NYC! I especially love the fabric & craft department! I do buy from walmart.com & have stuff shipped to me or have the site-to-store & have my mom pick it up for me…either way I will have my Walmart!!
    Maybe you can put the word out that we NEED one here! If not in NYC then in Yonkers, that’s Westchester County but close enough to the city :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog – and congrats on Walmart!!!

    Thank you, also, for sharing the single-stream resources. I’m fascinated by the process and technology.

    Glad to hear you are a recycler – I am die-hard.

    Oh, and my baby is due August 18th! We just have to make through summer!

  4. I shure would like to see Walmart expand on their computer periphials; (sound cards, wireless 802.11 b/g) , for desktop computers. Oh, how is the newby to your family doing? _ Rob Tirman, Phoenix,AZ

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