Yes, I Shop at Walmart

Living in San Francisco people are often amazed that I shop at Walmart. I think this is mostly due to the limited number of Walmart stores in the Bay Area and therefore a lack of brand awareness.

Since my local Walmart is over 15 miles from my home I do a lot of planning and shopping online. One of the services I utilize is called Site to Store which allows me to purchase my items online and have them shipped to my local Walmart for free.

I like this service for the following reasons:

  • Though I love online shopping I dislike shipping costs.
  • I prefer not to have packages delivered to my home. My urban neighborhood leaves little security for unattended packages and since I am at work during the day I end up receiving multiple “sorry we missed you” stickers.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I Shop at Walmart”

  1. I love Walmart! I live in NYC & there are none here. The closest one is 30 minutes away but there is one near my parents house (which is 45 minutes away) so when I visit I go there. There are K-marts here but they are not the same. I really like the site to store idea!
    The widget looks great 😉

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