Never Buy Wrapping Paper Again

I have always liked the look of good quality wrapping paper however I avoid purchasing it due to the cost and environmental impacts. My mom loves to tell people that even as a small child I would carefully unwrap presents in order to save the boxes, ribbons, and paper for later use.

Several months ago I noticed that uses crumpled butcher paper instead of peanuts to pack their shipments. Although I was happy to see that they were using materials that could easily be recycled I thought it would be great to reuse/re-purpose this material before recycling.

After a few experiments I have managed to come up with several patterns that turn this ordinary butcher paper into amazing wrapping paper. I have wrapped all my holiday gifts this way and I plan on using this idea any time I need wrapping paper in the future.

Additional Tip: Have your kids decorate the wrapping paper for you – it is a great way to keep them entertained.

2 thoughts on “Never Buy Wrapping Paper Again”

  1. I love creative ideas for wrapping presents, especially “green” ones that involve re-using and recycling. I’ve always been a careful “saver” of bows and wrapping paper as well!

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