I am so Loving this Stained Glass Necklace

My ex-coworker and friend Sara Moseley kept raving about this one particular etsy.com seller which of course meant I had to check it out and boy was I glad I did.

SarahsSky makes amazing jewelry. I have always I loved stained glass but until I saw her designs I had never imagined wearing stained glass as jewelry.  I am especially fond of her spinning stained glass pendants and purchased one in purple. Her jewelry is packaged in these extremely cute handmade gift boxes which makes it a perfect gift.

BTW it looks like SarahsSky is on Twitter (@SarahsSky)

3 thoughts on “I am so Loving this Stained Glass Necklace”

  1. I just saw your vid on youtube for sarahs necklace. Im a jewelry maker too and i have one of her mosaic necklaces, LOVE IT. Interesting to see that her spinner necklaces spin so nicely.
    Julia Catherine

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