I Was a YouTube Virgin Until…

Until recently I had never uploaded a single video to YouTube. I was essentially a YouTube virgin but that all changed the day I bought my Flip Mino. In just two short weeks I have uploaded roughly a half a dozen videos to YouTube which isn’t bad considering I have full time job and a house to manage.

Here are the main things I like about the Flip Mino:

  • It is simple: This is my third video camera in three years; sadly I have never been able to figure out the other two.
  • It is small: Let’s face it size matters. If it is too big to fit in your purse you won’t have it with you when you get inspired and want to capture something.
  • It is cute: In my world cuteness counts. The Mino is adorable which only makes me want to use it more.
  • It fun: It is so fun that I want to record everything and I mean “everything”. My husband is constantly reminding me what is and what isn’t considered YouTube worthy.

Tip: make sure you buy the tripod; as it comes in handy when you are shooting yourself and provides a more stable looking video overall.

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