Bakesale Betty is um um Good

Location & Hours:
Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Avenue (at 51st Street)
Oakland, CA 94609
Tuesday – Saturday: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
(510) 985-1213
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My friend Sara Khoury introduced me to Bakesale Betty several months ago and I have been literally addicted ever since. The food is so ridiculously good that when a craving hits I’ll drive across the bridge into Oakland without giving it a second thought.

Don’t be surprised if Betty (a.k.a lady with a bright blue wig) or one of her employees sneaks you some additional items free of charge. This method of providing patrons with additional treats is their way of getting us addicted. I am positive their food is laced with LOVE.

As you pull up to the location you might be surprised by the absence of signage but it is right on the corner so you can’t really miss it. If you see a line don’t be afraid it moves fast and it is well worth the wait. Once you have ordered take a seat outside at one of the cute ironing boards tables and enjoy the heart of the Oakland’s Temescal District. You might be surprised to find out how cool this part of Oakland really is.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich (crispy and spicy)
  • Lemon Ice (refreshing and not too sweet)
  • Carrot Cake Muffins (with icing to die for)
  • Ginger Cookies (chewy and spicy with visible chunks of ginger)
  • Pumpkin Bread (beautifully crusted and superbly moist)
  • Take and Bake Chicken Pot Pie (the best chicken pot pie in the whole world and believe me I have tasted my fair share)

2 thoughts on “Bakesale Betty is um um Good”

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  2. I’m obsessed with Bakesale Betty. I used to drive over there during my hour lunch break from Haas on Saturdays…roundtrip 30 minutes, 15 minute wait, 15 minutes of pure bliss stuffing my face with the fried chicken sandwhich

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