Phoenix, a Cooler Place Than I Thought

My little sister (and maid of honor) moved to Phoenix a little over four years ago and until this weekend I never actually flew in for a visit. The idea of hanging out anywhere in 90 plus degree heat without an ocean view is not something this San Franciscan considers pleasurable. However after four years it looks like she is actually settling down in Phoenix so I figured I better get my butt down there for a visit before she finds a new sister.

To my surprise Phoenix reminded me of a desert version of Temescal due to its hip vibe and well-loved restaurants.

Palatte at the Cavness House
Palatte at the Cavness House

Some of these restaurants include:

So despite temperatures hot enough to fry an egg on a sidewalk I plan on visiting Phoenix regularly; especially November through March when I am less likely to melt.

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