It has Been a Long Time.

I have to admit I never thought I would blog again. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to; matter of fact less than two years ago I even talked to Clay Newton about it. Hell, I even got so jazzed that I set up a Vox account and then… (fizzle). I never posted a single thing. At that time I convinced myself that I didn’t need to “blog” mostly because I remembered all the very good reasons I stopped blogging in the first place:

  1. My family hated me: it not a good idea to talk trash about your family on your blog; especially if you are young, stupid and rude. Believe it or not you may hurt your mom’s feeling and seriously regret what you wrote later.
  2. No one would date me: sure at first it might sound like a turn on to have your love life read like a soap opera but guys have sensitive egos and remember I was young, stupid and rude.
  3. I am not a good writer: although I have always hoped to improve this weakness I haven’t; so go ahead grammar queens don’t hold back feel free to call out all the typos and improper usage in the nice “comment” section.
  4. It just took too much freakin’ time: It did! Back in the day we didn’t have this fancy blog software. Hell it wasn’t even called a blog; we called it a website and we actually had to know HTML.

So less than two years ago; I decided I would feed my social bug via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. This had suited me just fine until last Friday when the company I work for launched As a result, I spent the entire weekend reading mommy/daddy blogs and suprised myself by finding a wealth of information I had been craving.

So here I go again – attempting to blog. Now that I am married (five years this month) and trying to start a family; I hope to no longer be stupid or rude (young is another story).

4 thoughts on “It has Been a Long Time.”

  1. It looks like a great start! :)

    Remember: you don’t have to write about anything you don’t want to! There are all kinds of things to write about that won’t make family, boyfriends and employers nervous!
    You can also respect privacy by using psuedonyms for those people you do write about – some people use initials, some use made up names.

    My first blog was hand-coded HTML – what a nightmare! Now it’s more about the writing than the publishing. Write, click, done!

    Don’t forget to let your twitterpals know when you post – but if you want them to actually read the post? Don’t use Autopost tools. Just write a short headline like “Want to know why I stopped blogging the 1st time?” and your twitter friends will be more likely to come visit! :)

    Welcome back to blogging!! Can’t wait to hang out with you more here!

  2. I think it’s great that you have come across the “right” time to blog in your life. It should be something that is fun for you and fulfilling!

    I think you’re off to a great start! Good luck and have fun;)

  3. The great thing about blogs, as opposed to the printed word, is that you can always correct the mistakes. I see blogs as an extension of emails, which a stone’s throw away from IM’s, and we all know how bad grammar and spelling can be in an IM.

    I know one blogger who keeps her blog completely secret from her mom, and when you read it, you get why. Still, readers seem to like juicy details so it can be a tightwire act to give people what they want. I prefer to overlook all that and write instead for posterity, as if my children would be reading it 30 years from now. I have private blogs viewed by only me (blogging is so much more conducive to my 70+ wpm touch typing) where I spew my uncensored rants.

    There was a 22 year old real estate investor who had a blog ( last year. It was enormously popular, or perhaps infamously so, because he bared all. But he too was “young and stupid”: one blog post was memorably titled, “Will I go to jail?” Had I been his lawyer, I would have tied him to a chair until he understood why that kind of honesty was unbelievably dangerous to his own well-being.

    Anyway, I love your verk. 😀

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